The first mobile numbers starting with 07 will be introduced in May 2010

Paris, 2 April 2010

From here on in, mobile numbers in France will also begin with 07, and no longer with just 06.

ARCEP Decision No. 2009-0406 of 9 May 2009 allowed mobile operators to be assigned numbers starting with 07, as the tremendous growth in the number of mobile subscribers and of users with more than one mobile line meant that there would soon be a scarcity of numbers starting with 06.

New cellular subscribers will therefore be assigned phone numbers starting with 07 which are subject to the same terms of use as 06 numbers, with respect to services, pricing and number portability, for instance.

Since 2009, mobile operators in Metropolitan France, along with the other French and foreign operators, have made the necessary alterations to their information systems to ensure the smooth operation of these new numbers, as much in terms of billing as the proper routing of calls, to enable users to make calls to and receive calls from numbers starting with 07.

Operators will assign these new numbers gradually, with the first ones due be assigned in early May 2010.

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