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The french ART launches its Web site

Paris, 5 March 1998

Just one year after its creation, the French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) is pleased to announce the launch of its Web site.


  • ART's remit, under the 1996 Telecommunications Act, includes informing players on the opening up of the French telecommunications market to competition.
  • The site plays an integral part in the Government's action programme to prepare France for the information age.


  • To show the work undertaken by ART, and by actively building links with other sites, to provide information on the telecommunications sector in general, in France and abroad.
  • To boost and facilitate external communication (by e-mail, mailing lists, news groups...) .


  • The telecommunications industry as a whole: operators, manufacturers, business unions, businesses, administrations, local councils, regulators, universities and telecommunications colleges, consultants, analysts, lawyers, journalists, libraries and documentation centres, etc. - both in France and abroad.



  • Presentation of ART,
  • Reference legislation (1996 Telecommunications Act, implementation decrees and orders, thematic list in chronological order of the opinions and decisions adopted by ART in 1997 and 1998, with links to about fifty of them, Community texts),
  • News (press releases, Chairman's speeches and interviews, review of the press),
  • " A User Guide to Telecoms " for consumers,
  • Publications,
  • Mobile Communications Market Observatory (November and December 1997, January 1998),
  • Over the Counter service (subscription forms for publications, Webmaster's mailbox),
  • Mailing lists.


  • Tools for browsing the site (search engine, index of key words, site map),
  • Additions to existing rubrics (eg. the main opinions and decisions adopted in 1998),
  • New rubrics (eg. explaining interconnection),
  • Electronic order forms for documents (eg. applications for CB cards and independent network licences),
  • More translations (in English, then later in German and Spanish),

  • Four specific applications enabling multi-criteria access to information on number block allocations, frequency band allocations, approved installers and equipment and the Mobile Communications Market Observatory.
  • Links to other Web sites in the sector.

The site is mainly in French, but you will also find translations in English, and later in German and Spanish.

Launch: March 1998

Editor: ART

Service Provider: Publicis Technology (ex SGIP)


Press Contact:
Jean-François HERNANDEZ
tel : 33 1 40 47 70 33 - fax : 33 1 40 47 71 98
email :
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