The French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) approves a full quality assurance system

Paris, 7 July 1997

The French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) has just approved the ISO 9001 full quality assurance system implemented by Philips for the design, development and manufacturing of cordless CT0 telephone sets on its site in Le Mans.

Philips had earlier received general certification for its design and manufacturing process from the French quality assurance association (Association Française pour l'Assurance de la Qualité). ART performed on-site tests to ensure that the company was capable of implementing and monitoring technical regulations.

It is the second time that ART, which has been responsible for conformity certification of telecommunications terminal equipment since January 1st (NB: the term approval has now been replaced by “conformity certification”) has implemented a full quality assurance procedure, in accordance with the European regulatory framework.

The full quality assurance procedure has only been implemented in France six times (cf. list of the companies that have already received approval in annex). It simplifies approval formalities for manufacturers, as instead of having to approve each type of telecommunications terminal equipment separately (traditional procedure known as type-examination certification), tests are performed on the company's entire manufacturing process and the ensuing conformity certificates then cover the whole range of products concerned.


List of the companies which have already received full quality assurance certificates

- Alcatel Business Systems (September 1994) for telecommunications terminal equipment designed and developed at Colombes (Hauts de Seine) and manufactured at the Woerth site (Bas Rhin).

- Matra Communication (June 1995) for cordless telephone sets designed and developed at Quimper and manufactured at Douarnenez and Pont de Buis (Finistère).

- SAT (SAGEM), 1 July 1996, for microwave equipment (23 GHz and 38 GHz) designed in Paris and manufactured at Dinan (Côtes d'Armor).

- Alcatel Telspace (18 July 1996) for microwave equipment in frequency bands 23-38 GHz designed at Tourlaville (Manche) and at Concorezzo (Italy) and manufactured at Nanterre (Hauts de Seine) and Vimercate (Italy).

- TRT Philips (18 July 1996) for microwave equipment (13. 23 and 38 GHz) designed at Plessis-Robinson (Hauts de Seine) and at Deville les Rouen (Seine Maritime), and manufactured at Deville les Rouen.


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