The French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) explains its position on the use of devices to connect to mobile telephone networks

Paris, 4 March 1998

The French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) was recently asked to explain its position on the use of devices to connect to mobile telephone networks.

These devices are installed at the outlet of private exchanges (PABX), and enable calls to be transmitted to mobile telephone networks. According to the numbers dialled, the pre-programmed PABX directs the traffic, originating at the company, either to the fixed network to which the PABX is connected, or to the mobile network via the device.

The devices are advantageous for businesses making fixed-to-mobile calls, as they transform such calls into mobile-to-mobile calls, which are significantly cheaper.

<font face="Times New Roman">Current Regulatory Framework <br> </font>

<font face="Times New Roman"> The mobile telephone licences granted to France Télécom, SFR and Bouygues Télécom authorise their licence-holders to provide mobile services, but not the public telephone service between fixed points. Therefore, these operators are not authorised to propose special offers to the users of such connection devices, at present.<br> </font>

<font face="Times New Roman">Use of Connection Devices <br> </font>

<font face="Times New Roman"> Within the afore-mentioned framework, and after discussing the matter with sector players within the Consultative Commission on Radiocommunications, ART has decided that the use of connection devices, which enable users to enjoy lower tariffs for their calls to mobile phones, should be permitted.<br> </font>

<font face="Times New Roman">Equipment Conformity Certification <br> </font>

<font face="Times New Roman"> Consequently, ART will examine conformity assessment applications concerning the devices, under article L 34-9 of the Posts and Telecommunications Code.<br> </font>

<font size="1"> <strong>Press Contact:</strong><br> <em>Jean-François HERNANDEZ</em><br> tel : 33 1 40 47 70 33 - fax : 33 1 40 47 71 98<br> email : </font>
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