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The regulatory authority publishes results of an evaluation survey of geographic coverage of mobile telephone networks

Paris, 6 July 2001

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) has just conducted its first evaluation survey of coverage of mobile telephone networks.

Indeed, taking concerns linked to land-use planning into account is at the heart of regulatory actions, as it hearkens back to one of the objectives assigned to it by the law of 1996. It was therefore natural for the Regulatory Authority to contribute to the reflection under way on mobile telephone coverage throughout the territory.

This survey, conducted during the "field" phase by the consulting firm Directique, was conducted in 40 geographical sections over five weeks, from the end of May to the end of June 2001.


  • The methodology used for the study

To prepare for this survey, the Regulatory Authority commissioned two preliminary studies. The first dealt with defining the protocol for measuring the coverage which was then used for the measurement campaign. The second consisted in establishing a classification of all French geographical sections according to three key characteristics for mobile coverage—population density, topography and wooded surface area—which was used by the Regulatory Authority for the selection of a sampling of 40 sections that had been the subject of the measurements.


  • The results

Considering the number of sections retained, the results of this survey most probably do not allow us to draw final conclusions for the totality of the French territory. They do, however, show that there are major differences between sections and, for a particular section, among operators. Thus, out of 40 sections, 25 are covered at more than 90 % by at least one operator, and 10 are covered at less than 60 % by at least one operator. Overall, an average coverage figure of 80% emerges for these sections and for the three operators.


  • What’s next?

The Regulatory Authority will make every effort to learn everything there is to learn from this first survey towards extending its scope to a greater portion of the territory. In this sense, the Regulatory Authority stands ready to make its contribution to the reflection being handled by public authorities.

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