Communiqué de presse

The report, renamed the Wholesale High-Speed Offers Report, will be published along with the High-Speed Internet Observatory

Paris, 10th July 2006

The unbundling report was launched in 2001, following the publication of the first unbundling reference offer. It has provided visibility on unbundling by publishing results with respect to technical and pricing conditions for access to France Telecom's local loop. Since the launch, these conditions have changed considerably, and unbundling has become the primary vector for developing competition and the high-speed market in France.

This is why ARCEP has decided to re-place unbundling into the broader context of wholesale and retail high-speed markets in its quarterly publications. To this end, new information on wholesale offers (and bitstream, or broadband access, in particular) will be added to the unbundling report. This publication will also be added to the High-Speed Internet Observatory, which aims to reflect the situation on the retail market. As a result, both publications will be published on line at the same time.

Therefore, the first issue of the new wholesale high-speed offers report, which will cover the second quarter 2006, will be published on 30th August, and not 15th July as initially planned.

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