Two operators call on ARCEP to resolve a dispute concerning call termination pricing on alternative fixed networks

Paris, 9 February 2006

Last year, ARCEP analysed the geographic call termination market of each of the alternative fixed networks.

Upon conclusion of its analysis, on 27 September 2005, it declared every alternative operator as being “powerful” on the wholesale geographic call termination market on its own network.

As a result, ARCEP imposed a number of obligations on these operators, including the obligation to avoid setting “excessive prices” for these services.

ARCEP recently received a request from two operators to resolve a dispute on this subject.

In conformity with article L. 36-8 of the Posts and Electronic Communications Code, ARCEP will rule on these disputes within a maximum of four months.

During its examination period, ARCEP will not comment on the subject.

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N.B.:  Decision no. 05-0425  taken following the analysis of the call termination market on alternative networks is available for consultation and downloading on ARCEP's web site