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Arcep has the status of Independent Administrative Authority (IAA). Its mandate is set by Parliament, the members of its Executive Board are appointed by the Presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate, and its Chair is appointed by the President of France.

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Arcep’s Executive Board

Composed of seven members, including the Chair, Laure de LA RAUDIÈRE, the Executive Board defines the Authority’s main directions and adopts the decisions and opinions that undergird Arcep’s overall actions. It draws on the work performed by Arcep’s different departments. It can sit as a plenary body, restricted body or the body responsible for settling disputes, legal proceedings and investigations.

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Board members’ appointment and duties

Departments and Directorates

Arcep’s operations are structured into nine dedicated and cross-functional departments that prepare the dossiers which are presented to the Board, all coordinated and overseen by Director-General, Cécile DUBARRY.

The departments and their responsibilities

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