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Past Arcep events

  1. Conférence
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    Telconomics Conference

    6th annual Telconomics Conference

  2. Conférence

    Annual Connected territories Conference

    This major annual Arcep event devoted to local authorities will be held online once again this year, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

  3. Conférence

    Presentation of the Arcep report on achieving digital sustainability

    On 11 June, Arcep launched its “Achieving digital sustainability” collaboration platform, and invited all interested parties to join the effort, through a series of workshops and discussions on the environmental footprint left by networks, devices and uses. This work formed the basis of a co-authored report, which includes a diagnosis, contributions from the participants, and preliminary proposals from Arcep. This is the report that will be presented during a videoconference on 15 December (Registration required).

  4. Conférence de presse
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    Scorecard of data-driven regulation actions

    In early 2016, Arcep unveiled its strategic roadmap, launched twelve priority initiatives and began a new form of action: data-driven regulation. Its core principle: harness the power of information to steer the market in the right direction. Five years later, the time has come to assess how well this major tool has done. The press conference will also be an opportunity to present the 2020 scorecard on mobile quality of service, as well as the new coverage maps produced in the wake of the new 98% reliability threshold that Arcep has demanded from mobile operators (open to journalists).

  5. Conférence

    Presentation of the IPv6 Barometer

    What is the status of the transition to IPv6? How is Arcep encouraging market players to make this transition? 

  6. Conférence de presse

    Presentation of the report on the State of the Internet in France

    Arcep’s annual report on the State of the Internet in France will be published and presented to the media on Thursday, 25 June 2020

  7. Conférence de presse
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    Telconomics Conference

    This year’s Telconomics Conference will be held as a videoconference

  8. Atelier
    From to

    Smart Territories technical workshops

    Two online workshops with local authorities

  9. Conférence de presse

    “J'alerte l’Arcep” and user satisfaction status report

    Increasingly frequent user complaints and reports, recurring themes...

  10. Conférence de presse

    Presentation of the 2019 report on the state of the internet in France

    Arcep has given the internet its annual check-up, and will present its conclusions and its 2019 report on 27 June. To extend the medical metaphor, Arcep has measured all of the internet patient’s vital signs that fall under its purview: quality of service, data interconnection, transition to IPv6, net neutrality and the openness of devices. Working to ensure that the internet continues to develop as a “common good”.