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The President of the National Assembly appoints Maya Bacache to the Arcep Executive Board

The President of the National Assembly, Richard FERRAND, has decided to appoint Ms Maya BACACHE, to be a member of the Executive Board of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Postal Affairs and Print Media Distribution (Arcep), starting on 7 January 2021. Ms Bacache had earlier been appointed by the President of the National Assembly to replace Ms Martine LOMBARD, who was leaving her position on the Board prematurely, starting on 1 October 2019 and up to the end of Ms Lombard’s initial term of office (see the Arcep press release of 20 September 2019).

Maya BACACHE is a graduate of the École Normale Supérieure (Ulm), with a post-graduate degree in economics and social sciences, and a PhD in economics. She was a professor of economics at Telecom ParisTech, in addition to being a member of the Economic Analysis Council (CAE), the Employment Advisory Council (COE) and of CSA Lab. She was also a member of Advisory board on electronic communications and of France’s High Council of Public Finances. Ms Bacache is a research associate at the CNRS-I3 laboratory and at Cepremap. Her two key areas of research are public policy and government reform, and innovation and the digital economy.

The Arcep Board welcomes this new appointment.

The Arcep Executive Board has seven members: a Chair, whose appointment process is currently underway, Serge Abiteboul, Maya Bacache, Joëlle Cottenye, Emmanuel Gabla, Monique Liebert-Champagne and François Lions. Three of them, including the Chair, are appointed by the President of the Republic. The other four are appointed, respectively, by the President of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate.

Board members are appointed for an irrevocable and non-renewable six-year term of office.


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