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Arcep Board member, Emmanuel Gabla, elected Vice-Chair of BEREC for 2022

During its plenary meeting, being held from 30 September to 1 October in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), elected Emmanuel Gabla, a member of the Arcep Executive Board since 2019, to the position of Vice-Chair.

An executive position for Arcep within BEREC in 2022, four years after having served as Chair and Vice-Chair between 2016 to 2018.

This election is in line with Arcep’s unceasing involvement at the European level, contributing to the work of both drafting regulation that falls within its purview and monitoring its implementation, at a time when digital technology has taken on a pivotal role in the European Commission’s strategy.

The complete BEREC leadership team for 2022, the year when France will take up the presidency of the European Union (in the first half of the year), has now been established:

  • Chair: Annemarie Sipkes, Director for telecommunications, transport and postal services at ACM, the Dutch regulator,
  • Vice-Chairs:
    • Michel Van Bellinghen, Chairman of the Council of the Belgian regulator BIPT, and BEREC Chair in 2021,
    • Konstantinos Masselos, President of the Greek regulator EETT, and BEREC Chair in 2023,
    • Klaus Steinmaurer, Managing director at RTR, the Austrian regulator,
    • Emmanuel Gabla, Arcep executive board member
    • Pål Wien Espen, Director of The Norwegian Communications Authority Nkom, representing BEREC participants without voting rights.

Arcep fully committed to the work being done by BEREC

BEREC is an independent European body, whose members include national telecoms regulatory authorities from every European Union Member State, along with nine NRAs who have the status of observers. One of BEREC’s missions is to develop and foster efficiency in Europe’s internal telecommunications market, for the benefit of all users. Since its creation in 2010, BEREC has assisted the European Commission and national regulatory authorities in applying the EU regulatory framework governing telecoms. BEREC also regularly spearheads analytical and exploratory work on the issues and challenges facing society: connectivity, net neutrality, digital platforms and, more and more, the digital environmental impact. A public debriefing of this plenary meeting will be held on 6 October, during which the BEREC work programme for 2022 is due to be published for consultation.

In addition to Emmanuel Gabla’s position as Vice-Chair, Arcep also co-chairs two working groups:

  • Chiara Caccinelli co-chairs the working group on market and economic analysis,
  • Sandrine Elmi Hersi co-chairs the ad-hoc working group on sustainability.

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