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Regional Digital Development

Arcep holds its annual “Connected Territories” conference, and delivers a status report on fixed and mobile connectivity in France

On Thursday, 8 April Arcep is hosting its annual conference devoted to “Connected territories”, which is also being live streamed on the Arcep website starting at 9 am.

This open event is part of Arcep’s commitment to sustaining an ongoing dialogue between with local authorities, who are key regional digital development stakeholders.

Latest advancements in 4G coverage, 5G rollout, fibre deployment and shutting down the legacy copper network were the focus of the morning’s discussions

The opening remarks to the “Connected Territories” conference will be given by Cédric O, Secretary of State for the Digital Transition and Electronic Communications.

Laure de La Raudière, Arcep Chair since January, will then talk with Patrick Chaize, Senator for the Ain and President of Avicca, an association representing cities and local authorities on electronic communications and media-related matters.

This event will be structured around two roundtables with local authority and operator representatives:

  • Mobile networks: expanding coverage, increasing speeds
  • Completing a successful fibre rollout, then shutting down the copper network

They will provide an opportunity to take stock of:

  • The latest developments regarding the New Deal for Mobile;
  • 5G spectrum awards and operators’ pioneer rollouts;
  • The record progress made in fibre network deployment (6 million lines in 2020), despite the Covid-19 crisis;
  • Arcep’s adoption of its fixed market analysis, setting the regulatory framework for fixed networks for the coming years, to lay the groundwork for switching from copper to fibre, and accelerating businesses’ digital transition.

The complete programme

Watch the replay of the conference (start at 4’45”)

To coincide with this event, Arcep is also publishing:

  • its annual “Connected Territories” report,
  • The complete version of its “Ma connexion internet” (My internet connection) search engine;
  • Updated “Mon réseau mobile” (My mobile network) data and New Deal for Mobile scorecard.

“Connected Territories” report, 2021 edition: Factsheets on Arcep regulation in support of Connected Territories

This report devoted to regional connectivity, clarifies the issues at hand while also explaining the technical work that Arcep is doing, using summary factsheets. The New Deal for Mobile, optical fibre, universal fixed telephone service, 5G: the report examines the regional digital development topics that most concern local authorities.

 “Connected Territories” report – 2021 Edition

“Ma connexion internet”: Complete version of the mapping tool now available online

After releasing the beta version and making a series of changes following feedback from users, today Arcep is launching the complete version of “Ma connexion internet“. This benchmark search engine provides – in map form – fully detailed information on the connection speeds that operators provides for any given address, and for all fixed internet technologies, in Metropolitan France and the overseas departments and territories.

Designed for consumers and businesses wanting information on the connectivity available at their home or work address, “Ma connexion internet” is also aimed at public policymakers: the site provides access to aggregated coverage statistics for municipalities, departments and regions. All of the data are available as open datasets.

This version of “Ma connexion internet” incorporates updated information as of Q3 2020. Arcep is committed to providing more recent data, and to be providing quarterly updates by the end of the year.

Find out more – Arcep press release of 8 April “Arcep launches the complete version of its fixed internet search engine: “Ma connexion internet”

“Ma connexion internet” tool

“Mon Réseau Mobile” and scorecard for the New Deal for Mobile: status report with data from Q4 2020.

Every quarter, Arcep publishes 2G, 3G and 4G mobile coverage data for Metropolitan France and the overseas departments and territories: coverage maps and rates, cell site locations, progress report on the New Deal for Mobile… Today, Arcep is uploading data for Q4 2020. It is also publishing a status report on mobile coverage and growth figures for each department.

Several major New Deal deadlines had been set for the end of 2020, not least that every existing cell site must be 4G-capable by year-end. As of Q4 2020, operators had each equipped a thousand new or existing sites with 4G. They have thereby upgraded between 97% and 99% of their cell site equipment to 4G. This does not include those sites that are part of the “Town centre white area” programme, which operators share and close to 80% of which are now 4G-capable, a figure that exceeds the target of 75% by the end of 2020 set in the terms of operators’ licences.

Data on the New Deal scorecard, are available on, as open data and in the form of departmental maps.

Fixed and mobile network deployments: Arcep continues to work on synthesising departmental-level data in map form

From now on, for every department in France, Arcep will publish:

  • Mobile coverage maps depicting the current status of 4G coverage and its progress over the past six months. Arcep initiated this publication on 10 November of last year. These maps will be updated biannually.
  • Premises’ eligibility rates by department, for each technology capable of supplying superfast broadband or decent broadband access, as well as a breakdown of premises by the best available technology to supply superfast broadband or decent broadband access. These maps will be published in the coming days, of which an example is provided below.

If all of the data were already available as open datasets, today they are being formatted to deliver “turnkey” information that aligns with the expectations of elected officials and regional digital development stakeholders.

4G coverage in France by department