Task-Force IPv6

In 2019, Arcep decided to initiate the creation of an IPv6 Task Force, in partnership with Internet Society France. This Task Force aims to accelerate the transition to IPv6 by allowing participants to address specific issues and share good practices. More information (in French) on Call for candidates for the IPv6 Task-Force in France.

The IPv6 Task Force handbooks

The most pressing issue the task force identified was encouraging businesses to make the transition to IPv6.

Handbook “Businesses: how to deploy IPv6”

The handbook “Businesses: how to deploy IPv6”, is updated regularly. This methodological handbook is primarily intended for business information systems’ experts in order to help them making the transition to IPv6. This handbook aims to help IT teams define their IPv6 needs, plan the implementation of this protocol and deploy it within their companies.

Initial version (published in November 2021):

This document is initially published in French and English. Translations into other languages are welcome, ​​in order to foster the deployment of IPv6 worldwide. Translations can be added to the official list.

Other free documentation is available on IPv6 in French on the Arcep IPv6 Task Force web page.