1. Digital

    Future Network

    Arcep calls on stakeholders to join the debate on the social issues raised by telecom network developments

  2. Digital

    Future Networks

    “Artificial intelligence in telecoms networks” and “Smart farming” – Arcep publishes two new briefs as part of its cycle of inquiry into future networks

  3. Speech

    TSE Digital Economics Conference, January 2020, Toulouse

    Sébastien Soriano, chairman of Arcep, took part, on 9 January 2020, during the 13th Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) conference on the digital economy, in a round table on regulation.

  4. 5G


    3.4 – 3.8 GHz band frequency awards procedure: Arcep invites all players wanting to participate to submit a bid package

  5. Overseas area


    Arcep launches a public consultation on the allocation of 5G frequencies in Reunion and Mayotte

  6. Regulation

    Cooperation between regulators

    Independent public and administrative authorities develop their collaboration to tackle climate change challenges

  7. IPV6

    Transition to IPv6

    Arcep publishes an account of the launch meeting of the Task Force on IPv6 in France

  8. Print media distribution

    Print Media Distribution

    Arcep imposes a six-month freeze on Presstalis client publishers’ termination notices

  9. 5G


    3.4 – 3.8 GHz band frequencies: Arcep is ready to conduct the frequency allocation procedure

  10. Overseas area

    Mobile Coverage and Quality of Service in France’s Overseas Departments and Territories

    Arcep publishes the results of its second audit of mobile services in French overseas markets: coverage is progressing and internet quality of service is improving significantly across the board.

  11. Quality of service

    Mobile service quality in Metropolitan France

    Arcep publishes data on calling quality along transport corridors  

    On 22 October Arcep published its quality of service scorecard for mobile services in Metropolitan France. Five of the total 243 indicators were not included in that publication as their accuracy needed to be improved. These figures are now available and published by Arcep as open data on These are data pertaining to success rates for making a two-minute call on transport corridors: roads, TGV high-speed rail lines, Intercités/TER (regional rail) lines, metro lines, RER (commuter train) and Transiliens (Paris suburban rail) lines.

    Amended 22 October 2019 press release

  12. Superfast fixed broadband

    Broadband and Superfast Broadband Market

    FttH rollouts and take-up continue to progress

  13. Uses

    Digital technology ownership and usage

    Digital Market Barometer: publication of the 2019 edition

  14. Print media distribution

    Print Media Distribution

    Arcep listens to print media distribution stakeholders during the first meeting held under its new mandate

  15. Frequencies


    Allocation of 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band frequencies: Arcep transmits its proposed allocation procedure and candidate obligations to the Government