1. Market analysis

    Fixed Market Regulation

    Arcep sets the regulatory framework governing fixed networks for the coming years, to prepare for the transition from copper to fibre and accelerate the pace of businesses’ digital transition

  2. 5G


    Launch of 5G commercial offers and Arcep’s first publication of the 5G deployment Observatory

  3. Digital

    The Environment

    “Achieving digital sustainability”: A report and 11 proposals to combine increasing use of digital tech and reducing its environmental footprint

  4. Mobile telephony

    Mobile Quality of Service

    Arcep publishes the findings of its measurement campaign for 2020: QoS continues to improve despite the public health crisis

  5. Mobile coverage

    Mobile Coverage Maps

    Publication of the first mobile coverage maps with the required 98% reliability

  6. Data-driven regulation

    Data-Driven Regulation

    Arcep looks back at five years of “data-driven regulation”

  7. IPV6

    Transition to IPv6

    Arcep publishes its 2020 barometer of the transition to IPv6 and the first guidelines from the IPv6 task-force for businesses

  8. Figures

    Broadband and Superfast Broadband Market

    Record increase in FttH adoption rates and an ongoing solid pace of deployment in Q3 2020

  9. Print media distribution

    Print Media Distribution

    Arcep publishes its opinion on MLP’s new technical, pricing and contractual terms and conditions

  10. Optical fibre

    Optical fibre

    As part of a dispute settlement, Arcep specifies the pricing terms and conditions for Bouygues Telecom to access the shared fibre to the home networks operated by SFR FTTH

  11. 5G


    Arcep awards the winning candidates with licences to use 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band frequencies

  12. Local authorities

    Mobile Coverage

    Arcep publishes new maps illustrating the progress of 4G mobile coverage in each of the 96 departments in Metropolitan France

  13. Mobile coverage

    “New Deal for Mobile”: 4G for everyone in France

    3G and 4G coverage in 96% of the territory and 462 areas identified by local authorities since January 2018

  14. Figures


    Arcep creates a 5G rollout observatory

  15. Speech

    Regulating for the commons – Lessons from the 5G situation in France: the need for greater democracy in spectrum

    Speech by Sébastien Soriano, Chairman of Arcep, French telecom regulatory authority at the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) Summit, (November the 4th, 2020)