1. Networks

    Mobile Network Sharing

    Two-year extension of the roaming agreement between Free Mobile and Orange: Arcep informs the sector and examines the amendment

  2. 5G


    The companies Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange and SFR have all qualified to participate in the auction for 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band frequencies. The auctions have been postponed due to the current health crisis.

  3. Europe

    Net neutrality and network congestion

    How to preserve Open Internet Access in the specific circumstances of the Covid-19 crisis? The European Commission and the group of European regulators, BEREC, recall the European regulation rules on the open internet.

    The joint statement

  4. Superfast fixed broadband

    Broadband and Superfast Broadband Market

    Tremendous progression in FttH rollouts and take-up in Q4 2019

  5. Digital

    Cooperation between Regulators

    Arcep and CSA developing new areas of collaboration within a joint division

  6. 5G


    The companies Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange and SFR have all submitted a tender package to Arcep for the award of licences to use frequencies in the 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band in Metropolitan France

  7. 5G


    Award of 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band frequencies in Metropolitan France: Arcep answers the players requesting additional details on the call to tender procedure

  8. Print media distribution

    Print media distribution

    Arcep issues two opinions on the technical, pricing and contractual terms and conditions of firms MLP and Presstalis

  9. Print media distribution

    Print media dsitribution

    Consultation with the print media distribution sector: Arcep lays the groundwork for an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders

  10. Uses

    Protection of Minors

    Arcep and CSA hold the first meeting of the Monitoring Committee on the “Protection of minors against online pornography”

  11. Market analysis

    Fixed Market Regulation

    Arcep publishes its draft regulatory amendments for 2020 – 2023 for consultation, in preparation for fixed market analyses

  12. Data-driven regulation

    Data-Driven Regulation

    Arcep presents the annual scorecard for its consumer-centric actions and its “J’alerte l’Arcep” reporting platform

  13. Mobile coverage

    Operators’ mobile coverage maps: Arcep launches a public consultation to tighten its requirement thresholds

  14. Digital

    Future Network

    Arcep calls on stakeholders to join the debate on the social issues raised by telecom network developments

  15. Digital

    Future Networks

    “Artificial intelligence in telecoms networks” and “Smart farming” – Arcep publishes two new briefs as part of its cycle of inquiry into future networks